The Colony High School Volleyball

TCHSVB 2022 registration



Hello Cougar volleyball parents! Thank you for being part of our program. I want to welcome you to our 2022 season. I'm Brian Gray (Sophie's Dad), the booster club president. Our booster club board is dedicated to helping our program, and fantastic coaching staff make it the best season ever for our girls. We want to invite each of you to join the booster club, which is how the program pays for tournaments, uniforms, and the necessary equipment needed to keep our program at the level of excellence we all strive for. For more detail on your Booster Club, click here


Here's how you can help. Below is the registration for the booster club. Annual dues are $25 per person. With your membership, you will be invited to our monthly meetings. Here you can hear firsthand what is going on with our program, see where our money is going, and help make the decisions that impact our girls. In addition, the coaches will be at each meeting, making it a great time for communication that you just can't expect to get on game nights.  


We do ask that each parent help with our concession stand TWICE during the season. This is usually a fun time with great comradery with other parents doing the same thing that you are, raising a teen athlete and all of the fun that comes with it! We ask for volunteers. But, if we don't have enough coverage, we will assign parents. WE WILL NEVER EXPECT YOU TO WORK WHILE YOUR CHILD IS PLAYING. This is why we need everyone's participation in this. 


Feel free to contact me at any time with questions. You'll find my email address below.

Thank you!


Please direct any questions to: Brian Gray,  Booster Club President